A Humble Start

Two Suits is the story of two friends, discovering a secret while traveling halfway across the world.  Steve and Dave have trekked the globe in search of clothiers who could make the best quality suits for a great price.  They spent a year traveling all around Southeast Asia, meeting some of the most incredible people along the way.

Our travels have led us to some of the best tailors in the world.

There they met a multi-generational family of tailors, whose shops know suits as well as anyone. After many iterations working side by side, they crafted the original Two Suits Modern Classic style suit. The only thing better than the craftsmanship was the cost. This is what they had been looking for. Upon returning to the United States, Two Suits was born.

How It Works

Commitment To Quality

At Two Suits we only use the best materials and construction, designed to maximize comfort, structure, and style.
We guarantee you will look great without breaking the bank.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Two Suit's Half Canvas Construction

We use a high quality layered construction for a sharp comfortable fit.

The canvas interlining extends from the shoulder padding halfway down the jacket construction.
It adds structure and weight to your shoulders and ensures a nice, elegant taper in towards your waist.

Why Custom

Customers First

You, the customer, are the most important member of Two Suits. Our obsessive focus on bringing you the best styles, materials, and quality at an unbelievable price is what we live for. We're committed to putting you, our customer, first and making sure you have a great experience shopping with us.

Happy Customers
"A remarkable customer experience starts with heart, intuition, curiosity, and taste."

The Pursuit of Excellence

We're always on the lookout for the next big trend in life and in business. We believe having a customer driven business is the only way to stay relevant in the long term. We live and die by your feedback. If you ever have an issue regarding one of our products we're committed to fixing it right away. If our products and service don't leave you with a smile, we haven't done our job.

In an effort to always better ourselves, we'd love to hear from you. To get in touch, visit the Contact Page and tell us what you think.

The pursuit of excellence

Your life. Your style. Two Suits

Built with passion in San Diego

Built with passion in San Diego